How to Calculate Delay Times

We’ve all been there: you are about to slap on a delay effect on a sound in your DAW but you don’t want to use the easy sync function that is readily available on almost all delays. I am exactly the same. As helpful as the sync function is on a delay effect sometimes it pays to get creative with varying delay times.

Let us start with the simple maths calculation.

  • Divide the BPM of your mix by 60. That will give you a 1/4 note value.
  • Halve the 1/4 note value (or divide by 2) and you get the 1/8 value.
  • Halve the 1/8 note value (or divide by 2) and you end up with the 1/16 value.
  • To calculate Dotted Value multiply the calculated delay value by 1.5
  • To calculate the triplet value multiply the calculated delay value by .667

It is quite a simple calculation to perform but let’s say you’re not in the mood for mathematics, you simply want the delay value calculated for you on the fly. Well, you can either download a delay calculator, and there are loads of free ones available on the net, or use a chart like this one.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to calculate delay values.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • How to Calculate Delay Times for any BPM and at any value triplets, dotted, straight etc
  • Using and Online Delay Calculator
  • Delay Values using Old School Methods
  • What are 1/4,1/8,Dotted etc
  • Understanding Tempo and Sync
  • Understanding Subdivisions
  • Working with Different L/R Values
  • Creating Stereo Spread