Mixing and Production

The Mix Engineer

Mixing is a process that entails taking individual tracks (audio stems and MIDI) and combining them into a stereo or multichannel (surround etc) format for delivery to various mediums.

Traditionally, and in a studio environment, apart from operating the technology required to record and refine a mix, the mix engineer’s job was to conduct what we refer to as a Level and Pan Mix. This entailed gain staging each and every track/sound and panning each to a chosen position in the stereo field. The aim was to achieve a well balanced and realistic mix.

Gain staging ensured that no single track was too loud and overloading the channel, or too quiet that it would be hard to process further. Panning sounds within the stereo field served a number of purposes with natural instrument placement being priority. Panning can be used as a corrective process when it comes to treating clashing frequencies, masking and summing.

Mixing and Production - mixing screen

The Producer

Once the Level and Pan Mix was completed the producer would take over. The role of the producer varies from producer to producer. But, basically, the producer oversees the entire song/album project from start to finish. They are generally referred to as the creative leader. The producer might choose to re-record vocals, alter the arrangement of the song, and add additional takes and so on.

In short, the producer’s role is to colour the mix such that it is perfect for the genre and marketplace it is aimed for. In the technical realm it is the producer that makes decisions about which effects and dynamics to use and how to apply them to achieve the desired colour for the mix. Finding the right producer for your music can be quite difficult. This because music is a very personal thing and allowing someone control over your creation requires a huge leap of faith and acres of trust. It can often be better, and quite common nowadays, to learn how to produce yourself. Let me help you to realise that dream.

My Role

If you are a songwriter and wish to have a finished product ready for the various streaming platforms or for physical release, please give me a call. I am more than happy to sit down and discuss your needs in detail, irrespective of whether you hire me or not. At the very least, I will offer you detailed advice on your creation and hopefully help you in your journey to achieve your dreams. Worst case scenario I will make a new friend.

Although I specialise in EDM and Hip Hop, I have mixed and produced both tracks and albums for a number of genres, including Orchestral, Voiceover, Theatre Scores and Film and TV. Give me a call, or drop me an email, and we can have a chat about your project requirements and in the process, hopefully, we’ll become friends as well.

Mixing and Production - mixing to pink