Personal Tuition

I have been teaching for over 25 years and without doubt it is the most rewarding of all my music-related experiences.

I specialise in creating courses that cater to the needs of individuals. People’s objectives and levels of experience vary greatly. Therefore I adopt the view that every course should be carefully designed to meet the needs of the student.

In a world of short-cuts, you still cannot beat an ‘old school’ approach when it comes to effective knowledge transfer. I ensure the student has a good understanding of the principles required to navigate this complex industry. In doing so I ensure that ‘fun’ is never left out of the teaching equation.

From decades of experience, I have seen time and time again how students retain far more information when the subject matter is fun to explore. I have developed proven methods for teaching serious skills in an enjoyable manner.

Good teaching is paramount, therefore I offer all potential students a free 30-minute consultation, with no obligation. This is to fully assess their needs before any formal engagement.

As well as courses covering the skills required to achieve professional-quality Audio Production I can provide both courses and sessions tailored to the art of Sound Design.

Take advantage of a free consultation, tell me your goals and let me help you to achieve your dreams!