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Mixing and Production

Mixing and Production

If you are a songwriter and wish to have a finished product ready for the various streaming platforms or for physical release, please give me a call.

Due to the current Covid climate working remotely ensures our safety and, to be honest, it hasn’t hampered any of the services I offer.

Working online has never been easier.



Whether you are after stem mastering or stereo mastering drop me a line and we can run through your needs and aims over a virtual coffee.

Due to the current Covid climate working remotely ensures our safety and, to be honest, it hasn’t hampered any of the services I offer.

Working online has never been easier.

Hear what my students say:

A teacher’s worth is shown by his students.

My students come from a wide range of backgrounds in music and strive for different goals.

Here is a small sample of satisfied and happy students. You are welcome to contact me for more details.


Private lessons so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

I have been teaching for over 25 years and without doubt it is the most rewarding of all my music-related experiences.

I specialise in creating courses that cater to the needs of individuals. People’s objectives and levels of experience vary greatly, therefore I adopt the view that every course should be carefully designed to meet the needs of the student.

Find out how I can help you to bring your music to life!



Grammy Judge

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To be honest I have been very lucky. I come from an artistic and musical family. I have always been around music and although I have never been a good performer/player I have always been fascinated by sound. My desire to learn as much as I could about creating sounds culminated in me acquiring my first synthesizer – an Arp 2600. Once I cut my teeth on this wonderful semi-modular synth I started hunting for more synthesizers with different programming topologies and when I felt I achieved a modicum of success as a programmer I began programming synthesizers for some of the Electro/New Wave labels and artistes some of the time which included: Art of Noise, Spandau Ballet, Pet Shop Boys, Bobin, Paul Dee, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Jets Orchestra and many more.

I am a contributing writer for Sound On Sound magazine and am a moderator in their forums which is the premier resource forum on the internet for all areas of audio recording and production. I teach audio production to a handful of students and run seminars and workshops for small groups.

I am continually updating content for Samplecraze and a subscription site I set up a year ago called The Audio Production Hub. The free time I have I spend teaching and writing for Sound On Sound magazine.

Recently, I was invited by the Recording Academy to become a Grammy judge. I accepted this with no hesitation. I feel both honoured and blessed and will endeavour to give back as much as I can to an industry that has enriched my life both artistically and socially.


Bring your music to life!
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    Here you will find some free tutorials to help to get you started on the road to audio production greatness! Basic yet essential subjects are covered.

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