Using Cubase’s Stock Reverb Plugins

Reverb has always been the main reverb producers reach for for their mixes. Creating specific spaces for your music to swim in is accomplished by the use of reverb.

To understand how a reverb works please watch this video:

In most cases producers will use their own favoured reverb plugins but I have to be honest DAW manufacturers have come a long way in providing quality stocks plugins and in this tutorial I am using Cubase’s Revelation plugin to create a lush reverb effect you can use on your mixes.

Topics covered in this video are:

  • What is Proximity
  • What are Echoes and Early Reflections
  • Space and Reflections within the given space
  • Density and Diffusion of reverb
  • Timing Early Reflections for best results
  • Filtering for creating textures
  • Feedback and Decay and how to configure them
  • Colour and Transparency
  • Relationship between E/R and Tail
  • Tips and Tricks